Fager Smart Halter Leather Brown

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Fager smart halter is the most innovative halter on the market and a must-have in every stable! Fager’s secure buckles are a patented design by Fager. 

The secure buckle on the neckpiece makes the halter easy to get off the horse by opening one of the buckles if the horse gets stuck and needs to get loose quickly. It can also be helpful when putting the halter on a youngster or a sensitive horse that doesn’t want the halter to go over the ears.

When you open the secure buckle on the nose piece the halter will still be attached around the neck of the horse to make it safer and easier when putting on the bridle.

The throat-latch can easily be removed to make grooming & clipping your horse easier.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Logo: Engraved on clasps, the tone in tone Fager embroidery on the nosepiece
  • Adjustable in the neck and underneath the nose.
  • Removable throat-latch.
  • Normal in size.



I was amazed at the difference the Carl bit made with my horse. I had been trying to resolve the issue I'd been having with him for months. Within one bit fitting session, I noticed an immediate difference.


I purchased one Fager bit for a horse who's always been difficult.

I was so impressed, I purchased four additional bits this past week.

New York

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