Magnus Double Jointed Icelandic Silver

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”We wanted to create an Icelandic double bridle which is more suited to the Icelandic Horse.  In collaboration with the team at Fager we have developed just this; here is the result!”

-Magnús Skúlason


A true masterpiece; designed and developed in collaboration with Magnús Skúlason.

The Magnus Icelandic has everything you could wish for and more, with an innovatively designed multi-functioning Shank.


The Shank

The Shank design is split into sections to enable an second pair of reins to be used. This innovative twist of design provides an extremely versatile training tool; allowing you to increase or decrease leverage as needed, whilst training with the actual bit that you will use when competing.


The Mouthpiece

Developed with ultimate comfort in the forefront of the design, our specialist engineering has produced a 100% smooth surface, incorporating the entire bit, including joints – allowing absolute fluidity and freedom in the mouth!

The Joints

The joints are specifically designed so that they will never interfere with or push up against the palate, making this an extremely comfortable bit for your horse.


This innovative design incorporates a mechanism to allow gentle movement of the mouthpiece along the shank; a smooth gliding action which is very well balanced.



I was amazed at the difference the Carl bit made with my horse. I had been trying to resolve the issue I'd been having with him for months. Within one bit fitting session, I noticed an immediate difference.


I purchased one Fager bit for a horse who's always been difficult.

I was so impressed, I purchased four additional bits this past week.

New York

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