Julia vs Sally, what’s the difference? 

Fager Julia and Sally are both double- jointed snaffle bits, designed for effective tongue relief; ideal for horses with a sensitive tongue.  Both designs feature a central copper roller, however they are constructed in completely different materials to create contrasting sensations in the mouth.


Julia is constructed using a Sweet Iron coating to create a sweet taste in the mouth, encouraging the horse to seek out the connection for a steady, consistent contact.  The central copper roller simultaneously gains the horse’s attention as the rider takes up the reins.


The copper roller places pressure on top of the tongue, initiating a swift, responsive connection to the contact. The copper roller in both designs (Sally and Julia) is specifically designed to be larger than the joints, in order to maintain the desired response.


Fager Julia is therefore ideal for horses that can be both strong, yet sensitive and inconsistent in the contact; horses who need encouragement to collect without losing the contact.  When horses are consistent in the contact yet feel stiff, strong or heavy in the hand, Sally would be our recommended choice.


Fager Sally is constructed in Titanium; a lightweight, tasteless metal which gives a feeling of lightness in the hand.  This material, combined with the copper roller works very well with horses who can feel too heavy and stiff, with a tendency to lean on the bit.


Sally feels light, flexible and responsive in the hand. For a horse that drops/loses the contact and falls behind the vertical, Julia would be our recommended choice.


When combined with different sidepieces, these bits provide varying levels of stability and flexibility.  To find out more information about the different models and functions of our  sidepieces, please refer to our ‘Guide to Sidepieces’ here.