SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black
SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black

SALE Fager Astrid Full-zip Fleece Black

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Snuggle up in style! Wrap yourself in ultimate comfort with this cozy fleece. It's like a warm hug on a chilly day.

Warm fabric with a comfortable fit and discreet details. The ultimate full-zip sweater for the cold season.

Adjustable drawstring at the bottom for a perfect fit. Hidden pockets.

Warm and cozy!

  • Color: Black fabric, silver zipper
  • Material: Fleece
  • Logo: Embossed black logo on the right side
    Pockets: Hidden pockets.

Care instructions:

  • Machine wash 30° C/ 86° F
  • Do not tumble dry

Model wears: XS


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Important information to read before purchasing your first Fager bit

All Fager bits are individually crafted by hand rather than mass-produced by machinery. This enables us to pay attention to the smallest detail, however sometimes this can produce natural variation between finished bits. Unlike a mass-production line, when crafting by hand the final finish may vary in appearance. This variation is to be expected when producing each piece individually and is purely aesthetic, and in no way affects the functionality or the comfort of the bits.

Fager bits undergo rigorous quality checks prior to leaving our warehouse, whether they are being sold direct to you, the consumer, or to an authorized Fager stockist.

On receipt of your bit if you are dissatisfied with your purchase in anyway, please do get in touch with us BEFORE removing the tags or using the bit. Thank you.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure about which bit to order or have any questions about the fit etc.

Due to current demand for the bits being extremely high, there will be no upcoming new designs or different sizes available, other than what is currently offered on the website.

How should I place my Fager Bit in the horses mouth?

The Horse-logo should always be on your horse right side, running forward. FAGER in front.

How do I know if I have the correct size?

If you are unsure of what size of bit to purchase for your horse, we recommend measuring an existing bit which correctly fits the horse.

Alternatively you can measure the mouth of the horse. To do this, we recommend using a whip and placing a piece of sticky tape onto the shaft of the whip. Then carefully place the whip into the mouth with the tape just showing/sitting on the outside of the mouth corners, where the flesh ends.

Next place some sticky tape on the other side (or simply mark the spot by holding your fingers) then remove the whip and measure between the two pieces of tape on the whip. Should your measurement fall in between two sizes, always choose the bigger size.

How do I measure the size of the bit?

Loose rings it is important to measure from inside of the hole. When the bits are made, they are being measured where the hole is placed. Different sizes on the hole between brands.

Fixed Rings/Eggbutts are measured from the inside of the side piece.

What is the difference between the various sidepieces?

Learn more from the sidepieces guide.

This guide is made after Fager’s knowledge and philosophy.

Can I try a Fager Bit before I buy it?

Learn more about our Bit Trial Program.

How can I check if the bit is approved for competition?

This link lists the competition approved bits in various categories and disciplines.

We regularly update the lists, however, we cannot guarantee that all rules changes are up to date.

What material should I pick?

Titanium, Sweet Iron, Sweet Gold, or Leather?

Titanium is valued for its low density, high strength and resistance to corrosion.

All Fager Titanium bits are quality checked and made of 100% medical Titanium, ensuring you utilise and feel the full benefits of this fantastic metal.

Titanium is a tasteless metal which naturally adapts to the temperature of the mouth, encouraging the horse to accept the bit and be more comfortable.

We usually recommend a Titanium bit for sensitive mouthed horses who can react to other metals e.g. red marks or sores developing, despite a soft contact from the hands.

Titanium gives a super light feeling in the hand and quicker response when compared to a heavier bit, particularly when combined with the correct mouthpiece for the individual horse.

Sweet iron is a covering on top of a bit made of stainless steel. The purpose is to disguise the metal taste from stainless steel and create a pleasant, sweet taste, encouraging the horse to seek more contact and hold on to the bit. Following use, sweet iron will start to oxidize and turn brownish grey, which means that the bit will start to rust but this is to be expected.  The more the sweet iron oxidizes, more ‘sweet’ taste will be released. When this happens the ‘blue’ will almost disappear.

Sweet Gold™ Bit incorporates advanced materials and thoughtful design, ensuring optimal comfort for your horse while promoting a steady connection between rider and mount. With its unique composition, Sweet Gold™ the bit not only maintains its natural glossy appearance but also provides lasting durability for years of reliable use. The perfect balance – a material rich in copper, soft yet durable, with a stunning gold hue that maintains its brilliance over time.

Fager's Leather bits are highly beneficial for horses that exhibit sensitivity to most bits, dislike metal bits, and can get wear on the teeth. The leather material possesses the ability to adapt to the contour of the horse's mouth, thereby rendering the bit uniquely suited to that particular horse.

How do I choose the correct bit for my horse?

At Fager, we work with pressure points. To know what suits your horse, we ask certain questions that lead the way to a bit your horse feel it's best. If your horse is new to you, it can be difficult to know the right answers. You can always contact us if you are unsure about what to choose, we have the knowledge and love to share it.

Fager has developed and designed the range using their knowledge and experience of the practical benefits they can bring and we love to share it.  We believe that a truly suitable bit can absolutely improve your horse movements and response to your aids. We recognize that having the correct equipment for your purpose is the ideal starting point for a successful partnership with your horse.

Is one bit enough or do I need more than one?

The answer is – Yes you do! You need a minimum of 2-3 bits at your disposal. Varying pressure needs to be available to avoid any numbness and unwillingness to work.

Rotation is key – even if your bit feels amazing, it is really important to change it before you lose it.  Depending on the individual horse and bit, we usually advice rotating between 2-7 uses, changing to another model for at least 2 times before changing back.

The mouth of your horse is sensitive and applying consistent, constant pressure unfortunately can result in bruising without us realizing. These pressure spots need to be alternated to avoid any discomfort, ideally before bruising occurs.

Where are Fager bits produced?

Since 2020 all Fager bits are produced from start to finish in our dedicated factory by our highly knowledgeable and experienced team.  This enables us to have full control over quality, design and materials.  The production is a highly skilled handcraft and not a skill which can be easily learned in a year or two. Everyone works together as one team and we love what we do – bringing to life our unique designs and having absolute pride in what we produce.

The Fager warehouse and Head Office is located in southern Sweden where we handle all inquiries and process your orders.


Size guide

You will find a size guide on every product page.  Our clothing is generally true to size however we do add a little extra length to our full sleeves to enhance comfort and flexibility when riding.

What is the difference between our leggings and breeches?

Our breeches always have a zip opening at the front whereas leggings are ‘pull-up’ models.

Both are constructed from stretchy, comfortable fabric though you will find that our leggings are more stretchy and the breeches’ fabric is slightly thicker.

Please note: We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to your saddle from the seams, pockets, buttons, silicone etc.

My size is out of stock

Please complete the contact form to reach us with any questions or call/text 407-448-1353.




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I was amazed at the difference the Carl bit made with my horse. I had been trying to resolve the issue I'd been having with him for months. Within one bit fitting session, I noticed an immediate difference.


I purchased one Fager bit for a horse who's always been difficult.

I was so impressed, I purchased four additional bits this past week.

New York


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